LG Just Announced the Cutest Little 4K Projector

LG Just Announced the Cutest Little 4K Projector

The CineBeam Qube sports a 360-degree rotatable handle.
Image: PR Newswire

LG recently announced a new 4K projector, the CineBeam Qube, and I’m pretty smitten with it. It supports 4K and can project up to 120 inches, but its “eye-catching minimal aesthetic” is what the company seems most proud of. The CineBeam Qube is pretty cute.

LG’s latest offering is marketed as a “stylish interior accessory.” It aims to blend quietly with your room decor because of its subtle, low-profile design. It also features a 360-degree rotatable handle that adds to its modern look. It weighs just over 3 lbs, and it’s pretty portable.

The CineBeam Qube is more than just an artsy gimmick. Despite its small, inconspicuous size, it offers 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160) resolution 120-inch images. In terms of image quality, you get a 450,000:1 contrast ratio, a 500 ANSI Lumens brightness score, and 154 percent coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut. According to the company’s claims, you enjoy content that is exactly the creator’s intended quality.

The Auto Screen Adjustment is another helpful feature on the newest CineBeam projector. It automatically uses auto-focus to determine screen placement and size for a hassle-free overall experience. There’s also an image-mapping feature, allowing it to play digital images when not in use. This means it can continue to enhance your room’s aesthetic even when it isn’t playing anything.

The CineBeam Qube 4K runs the latest version of LG webOS, so easy access to all your most popular streaming services isn’t something to worry about. We’ve seen more and more people switching to projectors over TVs because of the added versatility, especially in spaces where a giant TV won’t fit.

The US pricing and availability details aren’t out yet and will be announced at a later date. Chances are we will likely get info at CES 2024 next week.

LG is bringing Baby Shark and high-end art to its smart TVs | Digital Trends

LG is bringing Baby Shark and high-end art to its smart TVs | Digital Trends


South Korean electronics giant LG has announced a handful of new educational, personal growth, and lifestyle apps and content that will run on its webOS-based smart TVs.

In the lead-up to CES 2024, where the world’s biggest consumer electronics brands unveil their latest wares for the year, LG shared a list of new apps, platforms, and features that it’s hoping will “meet users’ individual preferences and interests” through its TVs, while “enhancing various lifestyles with fun and enjoyment,” a press release said.

For the grown-ups, LG is bringing the popular online learning platform Udemy to webOS, with access to its roster of more than 200,000 courses across 3,000 subjects and in more than 75 languages. Apple and Android users have long been able to get in on Udemy’s wide range of instructor-led courses from around the world through its apps for some time, and now LG smart TV owners can, too. Courses run the gamut of topics, including business and professional development, entrepreneurship, programming health and fitness, language, music, data science, and loads more. It’s not free, though; each course is individually priced, with the webOS app acting as an access point.

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For the kiddies, LG is adding the ABCmouse platform to the list of options for parents to plop their kids down in front of for some research-validated digital learning. Targeted toward kids between the ages of two and eight, ABCmouse covers all the essentials like reading and language, math, science, health, social studies, art, and music, all through its fun and colorful animated exercises and video content.

The Udemy app running on an LG smart TV.

LG has also seen fit to bring in the big boys by adding content from the Pinkfong Company — yes, that means Baby Shark, folks. And while the press release is unclear on exactly when or how this earworm celebrity shark will make its way to webOS, it does point out that the Baby Shark World for Kids app — which will feature “English learning, cultivating healthy habits, singing and dancing to the rhythm, and enjoying cinema versions of movies” — is “upcoming.”

If you’re into playing games on your TV, the inclusion of the Volley app brings AI voice games such as Jeopardy, Song Match, and The Price is Right to webOS, while Anipang Match is another play-to-learn game kids will get into, too, with its cute animated characters. LG has also seen fit to integrate the use of its Magic Remote into gameplay.

Many people already use their TVs to help them work out, whether it’s using the Peloton app on Apple TV or watching the millions of Yoga YouTube videos out there. LG is trying to do its users one better by adding the well-known yoga and wellness platform Alo Moves to webOS. Yoga enthusiasts can enjoy expert-led, personalized yoga, fitness, mindfulness, self-care, and nutrition programs through the app.

Lastly, owners of LG smart TVs who want to turn their living rooms into art galleries will like the addition of the Saatchi Art and Daily Art Story apps/services that bring professionally curated art and collections to the screen in high resolution. Again, there may be fees associated with these services, so keep that in mind.

The press release doesn’t specify any TV model range or webOS version required to access or use the new apps, nor does it say when the apps will be available, but we will update this story with more details if and when they come.

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Best 85-inch TV Deals: Save on Samsung, Sony, TCL, and More | Digital Trends

Best 85-inch TV Deals: Save on Samsung, Sony, TCL, and More | Digital Trends

While many large TVs can get the home theater job done, if you want to bring some head-turning action to the experience you need to go with an 85-inch TV. Many of the best TV brands makes models up to 85 inches, and there’s a lot to choose from if you’re hoping to land some savings. Discounts are out there on 85-inch TV models by Samsung, TCL, and Sony, and we’ve done the heavy lifting of tracking them down. So whether you’re shopping to upgrade your home theater or start one from scratch, these are the best 85-inch TV deals for doing so.

Our favorite 85-inch TV deal

85-inch TCL S4 4K TV — $800, was $1,000


TCL has grown in popularity the last few years, as it makes TVs with features that generally outperform their price point. You’ll find an excellent 4K image with the TCL S4. It boasts HDR PRO technology that provides enhanced contrast, accurate colors, and includes the fine details in all of your favorite content. This is a great TV for gamers, movie lovers, and sports fans as it utilizes a feature known as Motion Rate 240 to create exceptional motion clarity, even during fast-paced action.

This should be a particularly enticing TV if smart TV features matter to you. The TCL S4 uses the Google TV smart OS platform. This is one of the better smart platforms, particularly if you watch movies and TV shows across several different streaming services. You’ll get built-in access to things like the best new movies to stream on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Max, and more, and the Google TV interface does a good job of organizing your favorite content from all of your streaming service, as well as present new content from places you may not otherwise think to look.

More 85-inch TV deals we like

A Samsung 85-inch 8K hangs on a living room wall.

But there’s plenty more shopping to do, particularly if TCL isn’t your brand or you prefer one of several other smart OS platforms in your smart TV. Samsung using its own Tizen smart OS, and you’ll find some great Samsung 85-inch TV deals available. You’ll also find the likes of Sony, LG, and other name brands with discounted 85-inch models, including some that can compete with the best QLED TVs.

  • LG 85-inch UR7800 4K webOS TV —

  • Samsung 85-inch CU7000 4K Tizen TV —

  • TCL 85-inch Q6 QLED 4K Google TV —

  • LG 85-inch UQ75 4K webOS TV —

  • Samsung 85-inch CU8000 4K Tizen TV —

  • Sony 85-inch X80K 4K Google TV —

  • Samsung 85-inch Q60C QLED 4K Tizen TV —

  • Samsung 85-inch Q80C QLED 4K Tizen TV —

  • Sony 85-inch Bravia XR X90L 4K Google TV —

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Best Buy Black Friday TV Deals: LG, Samsung, Sony, and More | Digital Trends

Best Buy Black Friday TV Deals: LG, Samsung, Sony, and More | Digital Trends

Digital Trends

Best Buy is staying true to its name, as the retail giant is churning out some impressive prices as part of its Black Friday deals. This is great news if you’re hoping to land a discount on a new TV this Black Friday shopping season. It’s pretty easy to find price drops on TVs, with even the best TVs seeing frequent discounts, but right now we’re seeing more significant TV deals taking place with Black Friday around the corner. At Best Buy you can currently find deals on top TV brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony, and we’ve tracked down the best of each and then some.

Top 3 Best Buy Black Friday TV deals

The Samsung TU69OT 4K Smart TV on a media cabinet in a living room.

No matter what size TV you may be looking to add to your home theater, Best Buy likely has it discounted for Black Friday. Three of the best TV deals you’ll currently find at Best Buy include a couple of 4K options, as well as an HD TV that comes in at a lower price point for ultimate Black Friday savings.

  • Insignia 42-inch F20 HD Fire TV —

  • Hisense 50-inch R6G 4K Roku TV —

  • Samsung 75-inch TU690T 4K Tizen TV —

Best Buy Black Friday LG TV deals

The LG C3 Series OLED 4K TV in a living room.

Almost always one of the best TV brands, LG has a huge offering of smart TVs. Many of them utilize the webOS smart platform, which makes finding your favorite content super easy. Best Buy has a lot of different sizes available when it comes to LG TV deals for Black Friday, ranging from TVs that will fit nicely into the corner of the office to TVs that will make a great centerpiece for the home theater.

  • LG 43-inch UQ75 Series 4K webOS TV —

  • LG 55-inch UQ70 Series 4K webOS TV —

  • LG 65-inch UQ70 Series 4K webOS TV —

  • LG 65-inch 75 Series QNED 4K webOS TV —

  • LG 86-inch UR7800 4K webOS TV —

  • LG 65-inch B3 Series OLED 4K webOS TV —

Best Buy Black Friday Vizio TV deals

Vizio 2023 M-series TV hanging on a wall.

Vizio is a good TV brand to consider if you’re looking for ultimate savings. It doesn’t have the name recognition that heavy hitters like Sony have, but that means you aren’t paying for brand recognition. Best Buy has a few Vizio TVs discounted for Black Friday, and while there aren’t currently any overly-sized Vizio TVs discounted, these will all make great options for apartments or smaller rooms.

  • Vizio 40-inch D-Series HD smart TV —

  • Vizio 50-inch V-Series LED 4K smart TV —

  • Vizio 43-inch MQ6 Series 4K QLED smart TV —

  • Vizio 50-inch MQX Series 4K QLED HDR smart TV —

  • Vizio 75-inch M7 Series 4K QLED HDR smart TV —

Best Buy Black Friday Sony TV deals

A Sony Bravia A80K 4K TV sits on a table in front of a large window.

Sony is one of the most recognizable names in consumer electronics, and it’s almost always one of the best TV brands. It makes a range of sizes that each offer amazing picture quality. Many of them are powered by Google TV to help organize and search through your favorite content, and all of them go a long way toward diving into a quality viewing experience.

  • Sony 43-inch X85K 4K HDR Google TV —

  • Sony 65-inch X85K 4K HDR Google TV —

  • Sony 65-inch Bravia XR X90L 4K Google TV —

  • Sony 85-inch X80K 4K HDR Google TV —

  • Sony 85-inch Bravia XR X90L 4K Google TV —

Best Buy Black Friday QLED TV deals

The VIZIO 65" Class M6 Series 4K QLED HDR Smart TV M65Q6-J09 being used as a meditation coach.

If you’re looking for one of the best images you can get in a TV, you should look into these Black Friday QLED TV deals. QLED is regarded as one of the highest quality picture technologies available, as many owners of the best QLED TVs will likely attest. You’ll find in these deals quality TV brands that include the likes Samsung, TCL, and Hisense.

  • Vizio 50-inch MQX Series 4K QLED HDR smart TV —

  • TCL 65-inch Q7 Class 4K QLED HDR Google TV —

  • Hisense 65-inch U8 Series 4K QLED HDR Google TV —

  • Samsung 65-inch Q80C 4K QLED Tizen TV —

  • Samsung 75-inch Q70C 4K QLED Tizen TV —

Best Buy Black Friday OLED TV deals

LG GX deals bundle hero with OLED TV and sound bar
LG Electronics

And if QLED doesn’t suit your picture needs, OLED is another impressive picture technology. QLED and OLED are considered the best of the best, so you can shop these Black Friday OLED TV deals knowing you’re getting a superior image. You’ll find the likes of LG and Sony among the current Black Friday OLED TV deals, as well as a variety of TV sizes to choose from.

  • LG 48-inch A2 Series 4K OLED webOS TV —

  • Samsung 55-inch S90C 4K OLED Tizen TV —

  • LG 65-inch C3 Series 4K OLED webOS TV —

  • Sony 65-inch Bravia XR A80L 4K OLED Google TV —

  • Samsung 77-inch S89C 4K OLED Tizen TV —

Best Buy Black Friday Samsung TV deals

The Samsung Q60B QLED Smart TV sits on a media cabinet in a living room.

Samsung is another popular TV brand that has a lot to offer your home theater. Samsung TVs often offer lower starting price points than brands like Sony, yet they still maintain high picture quality and a ton of smart features. Samsung TVs utilize the Tizen smart platform, which gives you easy access to your favorite streaming services and other content.

  • Samsung 50-inch TU690T Series 4K Tizen TV —

  • Samsung 55-inch CU7000 4K Tizen TV —

  • Samsung 65-inch CU7000 4K Tizen TV —

  • Samsung 75-inch TU690T Series 4K Tizen TV —

  • Samsung 85-inch CU8000 4K Tizen TV —

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The 5 best TV deals in Best Buy’s ‘Early Access’ Black Friday Sale | Digital Trends

The 5 best TV deals in Best Buy’s ‘Early Access’ Black Friday Sale | Digital Trends

Best Buy is currently offering some early Black Friday discounts on TVs as part of its Early Access Sale. In it you’ll find some pretty significant discounts on 4K TVs of all different sizes. And while these are some of the more exciting TV deals we’re finding right now, in some instances you’ll be able to save even more if you’re a Best Buy Plus subscriber or a My Best Buy Total member. We’ll note where that’s applicable in our roundup below, so read onward for more information on landing some savings on one of the best TVs for your home theater.

Insignia 50-inch F30 LED 4K Fire TV — $240, was $300


A 50-inch 4K TV is a good size to suit most rooms, and the Insignia F30 has almost everything you could hope for in a TV this size. It presents all of your favorite content in breathtaking 4K resolution, and HDR technology provides a wide range of color details and sharper contrast, making movies more immersive and things like sports more impactful. Versatile connectivity ports make it easy to connect home theater peripherals. This TV also offers smart features like Alexa voice control, DTS Studio Sound, and Apple AirPlay. And because the Insignia F30 is a Fire TV, it will give you instant access to over 500,000 streaming movies and TV episodes, and access to thousands of channels and apps.

TCL 55-inch Q5 4K QLED Google TV — $300, was $450

The TCL Q5 4K QLED TV on a white background.

TCL has become one of the more popular TV brands on the market because it provides a lot of technology at a decent price point. With the TCL Q5 4K TV you’ll be getting 4K resolution and QLED picture technology, which produces one of the best images you’ll find on a television. Smarts include all of the features of a Google TV, such as Chromecast, voice commands, and functionality with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Gamers might want to consider this TV, as it has all kinds of motion enhancement technologies for motion clarity, including Game Accelerator 120.

Samsung 75-inch TU69OT 4K Tizen TV — $580, was $750

The Samsung TU69OT 4K Smart TV on a media cabinet in a living room.

While this Samsung 75-inch 4K TV’s sale price is listed at $630, you’ll be able to save an additional $50 if you’re a Best Buy Plus subscriber or a My Best Buy Total member. This is a pretty exceptional TV with or without the additional savings, however, as Samsung is almost always amongst the best TV brands. This TV delivers amazing 4K picture quality with Crystal UHD technology. It’s even able to upscale older content into modern 4K clarity. Its smart TV capabilities are powered by Tizen, which gives you instant access to many of the most popular streaming platforms.

LG 86-inch UR7800 4K webOS TV — $900, was $1,250

The LG UR7800 Series 4K TV on a white background.

The 86-inch LG UR7800 is another 4K TV you’ll find in this sale that offers even more savings if you’re a Best Buy Plus subscriber or a My Best Buy Total member. While its sale price is listed at $900, you can save an additional $100 and claim it for just $800 if you’re either. The TV has access to a ton of content, including more than 300 LG channels alongside access to your favorite streaming services. It’s also powered by webOS 23, which utilizes AI technology to making searching for content easier than ever.

LG 65-inch C3 OLED 4K webOS TV — $1,600, was $2,500

The LG C3 Series OLED 4K TV in the living room.

LG is one of the more premium names when it comes to TVs, and with its C3 OLED 4K you’ll be getting some amazing picture quality. In fact, LG OLED TVs have been the world’s number one OLED brand for 10 straight years. It has an AI processor that’s made exclusively for LG and converts everything you watch into modern 4K resolution. With webOS 23 and LG’s Magic Remote you find yourself searching less and streaming more when it comes to your favorite content. And an ultra-slim design makes this a great TV no matter what room you may be considering it for.

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Best Buy is having a sale on LG, Sony and Samsung OLED TVs | Digital Trends

Best Buy is having a sale on LG, Sony and Samsung OLED TVs | Digital Trends


If you’re in the market for a new TV, now is the time to grab one at Best Buy. As part of Best Buy deals today, we’re seeing a large number of OLED TVs, including some of the best OLED TVs on the market, including those from brands like LG, Sony, and Samsung. While most deals are for between $200 and $600 off, there is a TV (at the time of this writing) that is as much as $1,000 off. Tap the link below to go check them out for yourself or, if you want a quick rundown, we’ll pull some interesting ones to highlight below.

Why you should buy an OLED at Best Buy now

First of all, make sure it is an OLED that you’re wanting. When we compare the two main TV technologies of today, OLED and QLED, we find that OLED TVs tend to be better at creating rich contrasts and darkness levels. But the two technologies are easily confused due to their similar acronyms. So, if you’re looking for brightness instead, go check out these amazing QLED TV deals instead.

If you’re looking for a cheap upgrade for your home, check out the

as it is the only TV in the deals (at the time of this writing) to have been placed under $1,000. It’s usually $1,300 but you can save $600 on it today to get it for $700. If you’ve been out of the new TV game for awhile, you’ll be happy with its “magic remote” that feels more like a Wiimote than a traditional TV remote as well as its cloud gaming features, where you can access games directly from the TV.

Three TVs are dueling for the spot of “most loved” by customers, with the

still holding onto a 4.9 ranking after the most reviews and having the highest discount ($800 off) of the three. That being said, you should still check out the

and the

if you want a customer approved favorite.

Finally, what about that TV with the big discount? Check out the

for only $2,300. It’s usual price is $3,300, so you’re saving $1,000 with this deal.

To check out all of the deals (there are too many to cover in one article) go ahead and tap that button below. We think that more TVs will be coming in and out of the deals as time progress, too, so be sure to do your own detailed look before making a choice.

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LG’s $100 webcam lets its newest TVs do video calls and more | Digital Trends

LG’s $100 webcam lets its newest TVs do video calls and more | Digital Trends


LG has debuted its first add-on webcam for new webOS TVs — the $100 VC23GA Smart Cam. The Smart Cam connects via USB to any 2022 or newer LG TV running either webOS 22 or 23. LG says that the camera can be used for a variety of activities including video chats, fitness instruction, interactive games, and even telehealth. You can buy the VC23GA Smart Cam from LG.com and various online retailers.

LG VC23GA Smart Cam (angled view).

LG’s announcement comes just days after Sony said that its Bravia Cam-equipped TVs are now able to support Zoom video calls. Sony’s Bravia Cam sells for $200. LG’s Smart Cam is a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution device with two built-in microphones, a slidable privacy cover, and a series of magnets that let the camera mount securely to LG’s TVs.

In its press release, LG says that the webcam will work with a variety of webOS-based apps such as RemoteMeeting video call software, and two kinds of fitness apps: Exercite, which uses AI motion and exercise-recognition algorithms to track your body throughout each movement while providing real-time feedback on exercise technique; and FlexIt, camera-assisted live one-on-one sessions with fitness and wellness professionals and tailored programs and motivational tips and tricks.

Woman in living room using LG's Smart Cam for a video call.

No mention was made of Zoom, Skype, or other well-known video calling services, however, responses from an LG representative on the Smart Cam’s product page seem to indicate that if you install the Zoom app for webOS, it will work with the camera.

The product page also highlights a service called Independa Health Hub, which will offer telehealth and tele-wellness sessions, in addition to health and exercise videos, tech support videos, faith-based videos, and in-home lab tests.

On the entertainment side, there’s a selfie app with filters, photo effects, and editing options called Fun Mirror and a dance tutorial app from 1M called HomeDance. 1M Dance Studio, one of K-Pop’s most popular choreography teams, provides a variety of tutorials and dance clips to help users hone their dancing skills. You can perform alongside your instructor in Camera Mode to learn the choreography of their favorite routines more efficiently.

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LG Debuts 27-Inch Briefcase-With-a-TV for Ultimate Screen Protection

LG Debuts 27-Inch Briefcase-With-a-TV for Ultimate Screen Protection

For those obsessed with protecting their mobile devices using cases and screen protectors, LG is introducing an even better solution with an update to its portable, 27-inch StanbyME tablet TV that now comes inside its own hard-sided briefcase so it’s easier to transport, and harder to break.

The original LG StanbyME debuted about a month ahead of CES 2022, and featured a similar 27-inch touchscreen running LG’s webOS smart TV software (with built-in access to major streaming services) perched atop a tall stand with wheels so it could be easily moved from room to room in a house or office. Its starting price is $900 (listed as 1.17 million South Korean won).

Image: LG

It was an attempt to close the gap between tablets and TVs with enough screen real estate to allow multiple people to watch a video, and a rechargeable battery good for about three hours use, so access to a power outlet wasn’t always necessary.

Was the original StanbyME a big success? That’s hard to say. It’s a strange product. LG is moving ahead with a second version, albeit one that’s been completely redesigned to improve the device’s portability.

Two people in a park having a picnic using the new LG StanbyME to stream themselves playing music.

The new LG StanbyME replaces the wheeled base and vertical support of the original with an integrated briefcase-style carrying case and a much shorter articulated arm that can support the same 27-inch, 1080P panel in either landscape or portrait orientations. Battery life is still limited to about three hours of use, and despite seeming like an excellent tool for making remote video calls, the new StanbyME is still lacking a camera, requiring users to use another mobile device like a smartphone to make video calls while mirroring the smaller screen to the larger 27-inch display.

Two people in a park having a picnic using the LG StanbyME with its screen laid flat to play a digital board game.

A pair of 20-watt, four channel speakers should provide enough sound to fill a room, and while the new StanbyME’s LG webOS interface can be navigated using an included wireless remote or even basic voice commands, its touchscreen capabilities and new design allow the 27-inch screen to be left flat when the case’s lid is open and used as a digital game board.

A person lying on a pillow next to the LG StanbyME with a virtual record player app on its screen that's laid flat.

Another example LG provides of why keeping the screen laid flat could be useful shows the StanbyME turned into a digital record player, although it remains to be seen how interactive the virtual turntable actually is. Even if those 20-watt speakers sound great, no one’s clamoring for a 27-inch iPod, or record player that can’t actually play vinyl.

Our 5 favorite Memorial Day TV deals — from $198 | Digital Trends

Our 5 favorite Memorial Day TV deals — from $198 | Digital Trends

Memorial Day has finally arrived. It brings a lot of things with it; a day to remember those lost, a holiday to spend time with the family, and one of the largest shopping holidays of the year. As your family is together, the talk just might go to your favorite TV shows and movies. If that’s the case for your family, why not celebrate by buying a TV that is being offered at a much lower price than usual? While there are tons of TV deals going on, many featuring the best TVs of our era, there are also a ton of special deals that just hit right around Memorial Day. There are so many, however, that it can be difficult to sort through them all — especially on a holiday you want to spend with your family — so our team has sorted them for you.

Onn. 50-inch Roku 4K TV — $198, was $238

At one of the cheapest prices you can expect to find on a fully-featured modern TV at the moment, the Onn. 50-inch Roku 4K TV is worth a look. At 60Hz in refresh rate and 2160p, the Onn. will faithfully deliver what’s on screen with the best of them. If you’ve been sweating it out with an older TV — one that doesn’t come with the features that seem so standard on the ones all of your friends have — you’ll also be delighted that the Onn. hosts many of the same features that make the best Roku TVs so popular. That includes access to the half-million plus TV episodes and movies that come with Roku’s channels, with many free and others paid, as well as all of the cool tricks that work on Roku TVs in general. If you just need an upgrade to the modern era and don’t want to spend much to do so, this is the deal that was made for you.

65-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV — $398, was $528

The Vizio V-Series 4K TV in the living room.

The 65-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV is all about bringing a joyful, highly interconnected experience to your home. From intensive backlighting of the 60Hz, 2160p screen to contrast tuning that analyzes your display in real time — alongside powerful Dolby vision and 4K upscaling — the optics are taken care of, but there is more for the family to enjoy beyond this. For example, the V-Gaming Engine (which is automatically deployed when gaming is detected) reduces input lag. Your smart home devices connect directly with the VIZIO as well. Have a fantastic video doorbell? Pop your visitor’s face up on the big screen so everybody can see who’s there quickly before admitting anyone in. And just like with any good smart device, the VIZIO can be voice controlled using its voice remote. That means no more scrolling through channels or having to suffer through D-pad menu to “type” out a title ever again.

65-inch Vizio M6 QLED 4K TV — $498, was $678

Vizio M Series soundbar mounted on wall below TV.

Another offering from Vizio, with just a touch more. Giving you the same great specs, interconnectivity, gaming modes, and voice control as the model above, one of the primary ways the 65-inch Vizio M6 QLED 4K TV distinguishes itself from the model above is upgrading from a standard LED display to a QLED one. While explaining QLED technology is out of the scope of this writeup, just know that it is an increasingly popular tech that provides awesome TV brightness and an intensive color spectrum. They tend to be great for brighter viewing areas. At this time, even the cheapest of the best QLED TVs tend to sit near the $1,000 mark, so this TV is certainly worth checking out while this great deal lasts.

70-inch LG UQ7070 4K TV — $498, was $648

Next, we have a large 70-inch TV from LG that highly favors sports fans. With a 60Hz refresh rate and 2160p resolution, a stat line that dominates this list, it is the use of webOS, sports alerts, and the screen’s large size that distinguish this TV from the others. webOS, which is based on Linux, tends to be more minimalist in design than other TV systems. It also allows for a bit more customization in channel lineups and how you interact with apps on it. Sports alerts appear with updates in real time from your followed matches so you can change channels to the most exciting game of any moment. Finally, while we are in an age of ultra-large TVs, 70-inches tends to be an upper bound for many people still. They’re also more expensive than the average TV, so if this is the right TV size for you then this is the deal to go after.

65-inch LG B2 OLED 4K TV — $1,300, was $1,600

The LG B2 OLED 4K TV in a living room.

To wrap up the list we have one of the more special high-end offerings from the whole Memorial Day weekend. LG’s B2 OLED webOS TV stands out in a number of ways. While it, like all of the members of the list, is 2160p, it was the only 120Hz refresh rate TV that we found had a meaningful deal on today. There’s a lot to this TV beyond a sweet refresh rate, though. Highlights include its OLED display tech, its gaming functionality, and neat sound options. If you remember the QLED TV from earlier, this TV provides the foil in the ongoing QLED vs OLED debate; it provides richer dark colors that are perfect for dark rooms and gritty TV shows. With GeForce Now you can hop into a game — without waiting on multi-gigabyte download times — directly via cloud gaming. Audiophiles are similarly catered to with an AI processor that transforms 2-channel audio into a virtual 5.1.2 setup. Their wire-hating spouse will also love how the LG B2 can connect to high-fidelity speakers wirelessly. Overall, it is a big deal, worthy of your full attention. Check it out here:

More Memorial Day TV deals worth checking out

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