Qitchain looking to the future: NFT and Metaverse

Qitchain is a leading NFT interface for blockchain games, and we have been talking about the future of blockchain gaming with Metaverse. The team at Metaverse is building an open-source public chain that will be used to create digital assets, identities, and communities. They are looking to build the next generation social network on top of their public chain.

We have discussed what they do now, why it matters in the current market, how they plan to disrupt this space in the near future with some interesting use cases including one where users can interact with each other through avatars or virtual representations of themselves within a game or community. We also talked about their plans for 2019 which include adding support for smart contracts as well as development.

What is NFT?

NFTs are a new way for content creators in the entertainment, art, and ticketing sectors to prove their ownership. They can also protect themselves from copyright infringement with this innovative digital technology.

There are many features of NFT, that includes:


When data is stored on a decentralized ledger, it cannot be altered without being detected. The output tone should maintain an easy-to-understand and simple word choice so as not to confuse readers who may not know much about this subject matter.

Transaction transparency:

The entire process of NFTs is transparent and open, with public casting to selling in an effortless system. It’s also possible for anyone who purchases or sells one of the issued tokens at any time without disrupting their operations because they use blockchain technology as well.

Tamper-proof modification:

The system automatically validates NFTs through the blockchain, keeping all of their information indefinitely. It is possible for users to only add new data but not edit any previous transactions or metadata since this is stored on-chain with its original timestamp.

Easy to circulate:

The information on this page is updated in real-time. You no longer need to worry about who got what out of your transaction it is all transparent and easy for anyone with access.


The information on this page is updated in real-time. You no longer need to worry about who got what out of your transaction it is all transparent and easy for anyone with access.


In their current form, NFTs can only be used for lightweight transactions.

What is Metaverse?

A metaverse is a virtual world that integrates social networking, online gaming, and augmented reality (AR) into one. Virtual worlds enrich fictional realities with visual components to create an experience where users can connect digitally.

To improve users’ interactions within this imaginary reality there are sound overlays or other sensory input onto real-world situations making it more enjoyable for people who want some Dolce & Gabbana time.

The metaverse is expanding and developing new online places for more multidimensional user interactions. As of now, current technology does not allow this to happen.

However, the introduction of blockchain-based virtual worlds will change that by allowing land purchasing/selling as well as avatars. People can visit these environments whether they are inside or out with their friends while attending events in real-time.

Qitchain and NFT

Qitchain QTCs is an innovative new type of cryptocurrency that builds on the blockchain. They allow you to keep your digital assets secure by storing them in a database called the “NFT.”

As opposed to being left vulnerable with only one person having access, these databases will also hold other users’ transactions too so there is no need for extra security measures or worries about frauds getting their hands on it.

Qitchain is a cryptocurrency with code that makes it more difficult to attack than others. Qitechains’ structure and ideas are similar to those of other cryptocurrencies but they have some differences as well such as how consensus works on their network.

For example, since there is no mining involved with this coin so it is faster when transactions occur instead of having an inflation rate which means you do not need a whole lot of coins in order to make a change if anything at all because nothing will be lost forever like what happens sometimes within crypto networks where people overpay.

The future of storage for NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens is in a decentralized and repairable system. Qitchen provides an application scenario that can always be born when there’s a market boom – just like biological evolution.

They are one project among many projects to come out from this booming era with their own unique features to offer people who invest now versus later on down the line because they have realized how much potential these tokens have at being worth something more than what was originally purchased/created by users themselves.

Qitchain tackles the challenges

QIchain is a game-changer. This new technology will allow NFTs to fully integrate use-value into the blockchain, and it is only just begun. Qitchain’s IPFS decentralized addressing approach has improved metadata storage for all types of currency on their network an exciting development that signals what is coming next in crypto-economics (namely more interconnectedness).

In the future, we will look back on NFT and think of its application in everyday life. It has given us a way to make digital assets more tangible than ever before with real-world applications such as trusts or ownership rights for intellectual property that was previously only accessible through paper deeds deed records all thanks to blockchain technology.

Qitchain and Metaverse

QIchain is moving towards the metaverse, and we cannot achieve this without NFT. Games are one of Qiaochain’s original use cases for blockchain technology to be utilized in an innovative way that can change how people play games forever.

The qualities of props from Axie Infinity perfectly match up with what you would find on any virtual world or MMORPG out there today. It just makes sense when considering all possible applications for these technologies together because they work so well together already not only do both have strengths but also weaknesses which other types do not share either completely or partially due to their complexity being determined mainly by Artificial Intelligence algorithms rather than code lines alone.

In a world full of uncertainty, one must consider NFT if one wants to be considered great. The blockchain is undoubtedly an asset for developers in this industry and it’s not just about smart contracts-it also has high inflow traffic from around the globe with global payment channels that will help bring players into your simulation or Metaverse more easily than ever before possible.

The properties on these tokens are well suited too because even though there might only exist limited copies outside of our own imaginations  of what things look like inside them. Properties make up their individuality while still functioning within certain parameters set by whoever created them back when (presumably you).

In Qitchain’s new virtual reality, you can play games and showcase your self-made art. You might even own some property that’s been put up on sale in an online marketplace for users from all over the world to buy! It sounds like a great way to explore this meta-universe of ours by using blockchain technology so we have complete transparency about what goes into constructing this world from atoms down through pixels.

In addition, the unusual virtual economic system allows users to manage land buying by a decentralized organization like Bitcoin. People can also rent outbuildings and grow or breed pets for sale in exchange for profit from Metaverse’s meta-universe ecosystem which includes all their initiatives’ intellectual properties (IP), media associated with that IPs such as music videos uploaded onto YouTube under an account belonging to one’s own company; these assets are recorded on blockchain mostly used today when recording ownership rights over digital goods/services offered by startups using Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).


The need for a secure and reliable storage platform has never been greater. The integrity of digital assets is at stake, with many still stored on centralized servers that store sensitive information such as private keys unencrypted putting their owners’ safety in danger when they go missing or get hacked.

Qitcoin solves this problem by integrating blockchain technology into its decentralized system so you can be sure your data won’t ever fall victim to Petya malware just because it’s stored locally.

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