Best IT Asset Management System

In the modern-day and age, it is imperative for any company to be as digital as possible in order to keep up with its dynamic environment.

Companies now have more assets than ever before which need tracking or managing due to not only these new technologies but also because of limited resources such as employees who leave on a regular basis causing data security issues left behind after they’ve gone all while trying to maintain an updated software license (which can cost thousands per month) among other things like continuous updates at times where we don’t even know what type might come out next.

The asset which is bungled, lost, mishandled can leave the company with a critical hollow in its bottom line, and they land up spending twice than that of spending on their assets, it is where IT Asset Management Software comes into the picture, which can be helpful for a business to manage and track their assets effectively and efficiently whilst utilizing it at its optimum level and reducing IT and software costs altogether.

The software industry is one which has seen rapid growth in recent years. There are an abundance of different programs available but we’ve narrowed it down to 6 best-of choices for your consideration; these were chosen based on their ease-of use, features offered and pricing structure:

Manage Engine Asset Explorer:

This software is a versatile, easy-to-use package that comes with powerful features. The pay rate for this product was fair considering the quality of what you’re getting and it has no mobile application.

Which would make its availability limited in some companies due to technological limitations on their end but overall I think there’s definitely something here worth trying out.

InvGate Assets:

With this software, it is easy to set up and follow the wayfinding. There are also alarms that pop up if you need them for any reason.

The cost can vary based on what size your business may be but overall I think its reasonable considering all of these features come standard with no extra charge or fees whatsoever.


The product is a great choice for those who want to work with an easy-to-use, yet powerful Workflow Tool. The wizard can be set up easily and customized processes, as well as user interfaces, are available on both mobile devices such as tablets or desktop computers.

So it doesn’t matter what kind of device you have because this software will help wherever there’s input. It also comes equipped with many tech support options which makes life easier when one has questions about how their system works in general.

However, these come at different price points depending upon what level subscription plan they choose from free basic account all the way up through premium service ($̶3̶0).

Asset Panda:

Dashboards let you stay on top of all the important information in a single place with customizable barcodes and mobile apps. Day-to-day support services are available, while the learning curve can be longer than expected for some users who don’t use it often or have never used an application like this one before.

The typeface selection is impressive as well. Non-discoverable networks will protect your data from being accessed by anyone outside of those authorized to view what’s not meant publically accessible network access points.

MMSoft Pulseway:

The app is easy to use, the user experience makes it brilliant. It’s also possible to connect this service with your personal iPad so that you can have full access wherever you are.

The downside? Limited reporting features mean managers must manage networks instead of simply using cloud data storage solutions like Salesforce or NetSuite for example.


This software is easy to set up, fair pricing with secure and detailed information. It can locate the assets which have power down or missing from their location as well as track any type of non-networked devices.

On the flip side, it does not detect if there’s no software usage but can still report limited reports back for you.


When considering the best IT Asset Management Software, it is essential to consider what your company’s needs are.

For example, whether you have a small or large business with employees working in different departments across various locations.

This will dictate how many software licenses there should be for each location of their properties.

Hence we can say that every organization must use some type of IAM system because otherwise data may get lost and insecure asset management becomes an issue too unless precautions are taken while implementing these programs.

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