Best Indian Dishes at Trader Joe’s

Indian food has a reputation for being spicy but do you know there are other flavors beyond heat? In this blog post, we’ll share the best Indian dishes at Trader Joe’s.

The best Indian dishes at Trader Joe’s are just a few clicks away. From curry and masala to tandoori chicken or paneer, these recipes will have your mouth watering in anticipation.

Trader Joe’s is a great grocery store, and their Indian food selection is pretty excellent too.

Best Indian Dishes at Trader Joe’s

Following are the best Indian dishes at Trader Joe’s:

1. Korma fish curry

Korma fish curry is the best-selling Indian dish at Trader Joe’s because it has a well-balanced flavor and tastes so good.

The spiciness of other curries doesn’t overpower your palate, making this an excellent option for people who don’t like hot foods but still want to enjoy various dishes from India’s signature cuisine style.

Kormas tend towards being milder than hotter vendees recipes while retaining their complexity in taste with just enough sweetness that pairs perfectly when paired together on plates during mealtimes.

2. Mango Chutney

Trader Joe’s Mango Chutney is more than just a condiment. It has an irresistible sweet and sour taste that people claim to be the best on market today.

I love it because my friends introduced me too long ago when they had no idea what flavor would come out of this fruit but were sure everyone else did as well for some reason or another since grocery stores don’t carry anything comparable close by comparison like other companies do with similar products such us jams/jellies etc.

So we buy up whatever TJ offers whenever possible especially during these hot months where you can barely find any sorta cool thing around town just so we make sure there will always be something new at home (and whoever wants some).

3. Tandoori Naan

Ever since the discovery of baking, naan has been a part of many Indian dishes. One type that should not be left out is Tandoori Naan because it tastes so good with ghee and other spices on top or when eaten fresh right out if their package.

4. Red Lentil Dal

Indian food is all about the rich and fragrant flavors, but if you’re looking to cut down on animal products or just want more protein then this dish might be perfect. With lentils as its base ingredient, it will keep your body running smoothly throughout any day.

5. Masala Vegetable Burger

The patty itself contains potatoes that have been mixed with spices like turmeric and mustard seeds resulting in something halfway between hash browns or vada pav, which many people consider blissful.

6. Trader Joe’s Malabari Paratha

The first time I saw these in the frozen section at my local Trader Joe’s, I almost screamed. They are so rare and unexpected. These flatbreads from India’s Malabar region really reminded me of croissants.

Only they’re flakier because there are many thin buttery layers to them that heat up amazingly well on an open skillet or just by themselves for breakfast too. Even though they cost less than $1 each (five parathas is what one package goes).

7. Palak Paneer

Palak paneer is a vegetarian dish made with cubes of cheese and spinach. It has been called “the most satisfying Indian food,” as it can be served over rice or chapatti dough to make an amazing meal.

Made from fresh ingredients like cilantro dill leaves, this recipe will leave your taste buds feeling satisfied without filling you up too much on calories.

8. Spicy Vegetable Korma

Korma is a dish that can be made with vegetables or meat. It comes from the Persian word “braise,” which means cooking over low heat and absorbing flavors from other ingredients in it.

This recipe has been adapted for vegans and gluten-free people so you don’t have to miss out on any of those great tastes. The rich sauce full of spices will please even pickiest eaters too.


Indian food has a reputation for being spicy, but there are other flavors beyond heat. In this blog post, we’ve shared the best Indian dishes at Trader Joe’s and how to make them in your own kitchen. What dish have you tried that was better than what you thought it would be?

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